Ginero’s Devices

GINERO Solutions provides customizable digital video processing solutions for video embedded devices and defense OEMs. Most of our solutions are available in extended temperature, industrial or full military grade.

GINERO’s custom OEM/ODM embedded devices targeted especially for next fields:

• Video Capture/encoding/streaming with error correction and encryption for standard CCDs and InfraRed/Thermal Imaging video sensors – up to 4K video (3840x2160 30fps or 1920x1080 120fps)) – at ultralow bitrate at very noisy channel conditions

• Video postprocessing (include thermal noise reduction) / computer vision processing

• Audio ultralow bitrate and military grade encryption

• Remote aircraft navigation video/control system with glass-to-glass less 10ms close loop

• Wideband long distance wireless video/audio streaming (wideband Ethernet over Radio) (WiFi 2-polarized MiMO/OFDM 802.11 A/G/N at 150Mbps bandwidth and distance 15km - 25km)

GINERO’s embedded board solutions are based on ARM Cortex+DSP, especially on:

• RockChip RK3066 SOC (Cortex A9 double core, H/W Video Encoder and GPU at 1Ghz),

• TI SOCs (TI Sitara AM335x , DM368 or OMAP4460) (up to 1.2Ghz Cortex-A9 double core, GPU)

• Samsung Exynos 4 ( up to 1.4Ghz Cortex-A9 four core, GPU)

GINERO’s embedded devices solutions provide the best in industry performance for wireless video streaming /processing and Remote Aircraft navigation video/control system.

We provide outstanding embedded low-power lightweight video (include InfraRed/Thermal Imaging) capturing devices with video processing/compression/encryption and WiFi ultralong distance (15km -70km) real-time wireless transmission 10Mbps effective video data (Wideband Ethernet over WiFi Radio) (<10ms glass-to-glass)

GINERO’s custom solutions for Forward Error Correction provide ability to achieve non-interrupted real-time video streaming at very noisy channels.

GINERO’s video codecs provide near-DVD quality at 250-400kbps and HDTV Blu-ray quality at 2Mbps.

GINERO’s embedded devices include:

• Bandwidth efficient high-quality low-latency MPEG4/H264/VP8 compression with multi-layer and error correction (FEC) and error resilience for network errors

• Support for high resolutions standard and IR cameras

• Support for live view/record

• Support ultra-low bandwidth

• Support recording wide-band G711/MP3/AAC/Vorbis/Speex/CELT/Opus

• Compact/lightweight solutions

• Support for extended temperature from -40 C up to +85 C

• Support for fanless conduction cooling

• Shock, vibration, humidity and dust resistance

• We can connect many types of Wireless modules to our boards.. Some examples: XBee 802.15.4/XBee ZigBee, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Pro, Wifi, GPRS, 3G

• Connect any sensor (analog 0-5V, digital) with a precession of 16b using the ADC integrated. Connect also complex sensors through i2C and UART buses
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