See Through Display Glasses

The benefits of see through display glasses in comparison to the standard computer screen:

  • The students using the display glasses unlike watching a monitor which is physically blocking the view are able to see the teacher and the board while getting information presented on their personal display.

  • They can use their personal display on the go in any location not only in the classroom.

  • We believe that it will be possible to present two different types of information on the two displays for the left and right eyes. We believe that students will learn to process both streams of information in their minds. Of course such streams of information should support each other and be coherent.

    We believe that student will be able to process a 3rd stream of information which is the actual reality in present time which is the teacher’s instruction on the board. We believe that the 3rd stream of information will be processed unconsciously in the sub-cortex of the brain. We believe that this unconscious study will be very productive and very deep.