Ginero Solution Ltd. technological activities in the Medical Devices, Multimedia Education, HomeLand Security Market Fields

Innovating the Medical Field With Unique New Technology Bringing New Treatment Methods

To Cancer, The Brain & Lung Edema, Solutions for Diabetes Mellitus And More

Cutting Edge Nano-Technology Bringing New Ways of Medical Treatments

GINERO Solutions Ltd. is a privately held company with a global reach in several areas

infoGINERO's technological activities are in the fields of Medical Devices, Multimedia Education, Video&Image Processing for Embedded Devices, HomeLand Security, Defense and Civilian markets.
Ginero have inherited a large number of developed technologies from additional companies owned by Ginero’s principals. Ginero Solutions Ltd. offers an unprecedented depth of innovative approaches to real life problems.
GINERO’s multi-disciplinary engineering force combines extensive know-how and expertise in chemistry, physics, medicine, electronics, engineering, consumer appliances and software.

aimGinero Solutions aims to develop a suite of products which can bring a huge change in the world of medicine, by combining optical, mathematical, nanotechnological and software abilities and patents.
Recent advances in mobile and wireless technologies have created new opportunities in the market place. For instance, the power of video processing applications in areas which were always dominated by PCs and workstations has provided new opportunities in the consumer market for our company.
Ginero’s strength originates from its exceptional team of leading experts from key disciplines. Each team member shares a passion for integrity, innovation and is committed to the betterment of community. Our team of dedicated professionals is backed by solid resources, expertise, and many years of research.
Our headquarters are located on beautiful shores of Hertzelia Pituach, Israel. Our branches are located in the historical city of Caesarea, in Rehovot and Beersheva, Israel.

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